What is Building Maintenance?

Every building is a very valuable construction. All of them are the results of hard work, time, and massive expenses. It may be a house, a school, an infirmary, or any other building. We create a building for some reason and we expect it to stand upright for a long period of time. So, maintaining a quality construction process is not enough. We have to take care of the building constantly in order to make it stay strong and productive as ever. So, what is building maintenance? And what is the importance of building maintenance?

To keep a building livable, functional for a long period of time, we have to take certain measures. These steps are the maintenance procedures that we follow in building maintenance. There are several types of maintenance work that you need to do around a building. Most of this work requires professional attention too. There are varying techniques and varying types of building maintenance. These maintenance services are simply invaluable. Without maintenance, a building can easily become a place where you can no longer live nor work. Building maintenance ensures that the environment is safe for humans to work and live in.

Building maintenance checklist

Have you ever come across the term “building maintenance checklist“? Well, just like any other checklist, this ensures that all the maintenance work is performed accordingly within the estimated time period. Most of the time, maintenance technicians use these to remember all the tasks they need to perform. This checklist contains all the issues that the technician discovers. This documentation can be for a quarter, for half a year, or any such time period. These checklists are really important to manage all the maintenance tasks within a proper time frame. There are several areas the building maintenance checklist focuses on.

The most prominent areas of them are garden areas, exterior property of the building, interior structure of the building, plumbing, fixtures, and electrical equipment. Their maintenance is really really important to ensure a safe environment for living. The time frames may vary depending on the nature of the area. There may be certain tasks that may take some time where some tasks may require constant and immediate attention. So, the checklist helps to keep track of all of them in order to keep the building safe and sound. Then, let’s move on to understanding the importance of building maintenance furthermore.

Types of building maintenance

There are several types of maintenance when it comes to building construction. Majorly, we can identify five types as

  • Corrective maintenance
  • Predetermined maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance

When taking them separately, corrective maintenance is the maintenance you perform right after sorting out the damage or defect. It is performed so the damaged part is fixed properly in order to make it work back again. Corrective maintenance is quick and is performed as soon as possible. It helps to fix defects that arise past preventive maintenance measures. Predetermined maintenance is focused on maintaining the structure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This maintenance method does not stray away from those instructions and becomes impractical and imperfect sometimes. You cannot just rely on the manufacturer’s instructions when taking care of a building.

As its name suggests, preventive maintenance processes are carried out prior to the defects may occur. These maintenance steps are regular and carry out throughout a constant period of time. On the other hand, the condition-based approach is far more advanced than preventive maintenance. Here, instead of performing scheduled maintenance, the structures are tested for possible defects. Then the risk conditions are understood and treated in order to prevent hazards. The last type is predictive maintenance. It is derived from condition-based maintenance yet is far more advanced and intensive. This maintenance type uses a special sensor to constantly keep track of the structures and alerts the technicians of possible danger.

Building maintenance services

Just like the types of maintenance, there are several types of building maintenance services too. Building maintenance services are of huge importance to maintain the longevity of construction. There are several types of building maintenance services. They include day-to-day repairs, annual repairs, and special repairs. There are several major companies that perform these building maintenance services.

For example, there is Alpine building maintenance and Marsden building maintenance company. In addition, there are Merchants building maintenance company, McLemore building maintenance company, American building maintenance company, bee clean building maintenance company, Woods building maintenance company, Ace building maintenance company, and United building maintenance company too. Those are just a few out of the maintenance service providers available out there.

Building general maintenance

General maintenance of buildings rotates around the general maintenance procedures taking around a construction. Most of the general maintenance work is regular and is done from time to time. These are conducted by technicians who are skilled in the relevant areas like plumbing, electrical work, etc. These may include processes like

  • Painting
  • Air condition repairing,
  • General plumbing repairs, etc…

Building professional maintenance

In certain instances, you may come across some maintenance tasks that are more complex than regular general maintenance. These indeed require the special attention of professionals who excel in the relevant field. These instances can vary from the buildings subjected to environmental hazards to buildings that have been abandoned for a long period of time. Such buildings require special, professional care to be restored.

Advantages of having a preventive maintenance

No matter how great your building is, it is always great to ensure the building is safe constantly. As we discussed above, preventive maintenance is safety precautions that you take regularly to prevent possible defects. There are many benefits one can achieve with preventive maintenance. For example, you can ensure that your building is safe to live for a certain extent. You can be sure that the building is taken care of. And also, it helps to improve the longevity of the building too. There is less risk of dangers and there is a less amount of time wastage for unnecessary repairing upon failure. Practicing preventive maintenance is really important to improve overall efficiency.

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