What is Building Plan?

If you have ever dealt with any construction process, you should be familiar with the concept of a building plan. Not only in construction, in every process we require a plan. A plan makes a task effective and less confusing. In the construction industry, the first important step is designing a building plan. It is designed according to correct proportions and parameters by a professional.

A building plan is a mirror that shows the final outcome of the building process. It helps to estimate the cost, the required material types easily. And also, a building plan helps in great measures to effectively utilize the land area too. Constructors and contractors consider a building plan a most important aspect of the overall process. It helps in great scale to help in estimations and decision making.

How to Design and Plan Floor Plans?

In the industrial processes, the first step of constructing is designing a building plan. The floor plan is a graphical representation of how the land area is utilized in the building process. It is usually a view from above, drawn according to proper scales. All the general attributes like rooms, walls, entrances are marked accordingly. It enables the builders, the constructors, or the contractors to get a general idea about the whole structure. In turn, it helps to make the construction effective and efficient.

So, how to plan and design a floor plan? It is a sequential process that involves a lot of steps. The first step is to analyze and choose the land area. You have to check whether it s a cleared land or there are buildings or constructions in it. Firstly, you have to analyze the land area. Then you can go for the measurements. The measurements should be highly accurate and proportionate. Then you can start marking the measurements for rooms or other components to be constructed inside the building. Then goes the walls and the architectural features. In addition, after all those steps you can design and illustrate the position of furniture.

As precautions, it is better if you can hire a professional to perform this task for you. You can do it by yourself if it is a small structure. But it is still better to stick with the idea of hiring a professional to design the floor plan. There are many templates and guidelines too. The floor plan is the first step of creating the structure itself. So, it is a must that the floor plan is accurate and both the client and constructor agree upon it.

What is the Importance of a Detailed Drawing?

A detailed drawing is basically designing the plan with proper details. This diagram discusses the geometric overview of the plan in detail. One can draw these diagrams to any construction. These drawings are usually large scale and very detailed. They contain even the most intricate features that to be in the construction. There are details that cannot b depicted in a general drawing.

Some components that include in a detailed drawing are specific information, symbols, notations, etc. So, why are detailed drawings so important? Generally, a detailed drawing contains all the details relevant to the construction process. It the document via which both the client and the constructor get an idea of what would be created. It represents the final output, with all the correct dimensions. A detailed diagram always guides the construction process in a correct path. And also, it helps to estimate the budget expenses and required material too.

Different Types of Building Plans

There are many types of building plans available. For instance, there are floor plans that we discussed above. then in addition to that, there are site plans, reflective ceiling plans, millwork drawings, exterior or interior elevations, etc. When taking them individually, site plans consist of graphical illustrations that cover the construction process that runs through the overall site area. It depicts the arrangement of buildings throughout the whole allocated area.

And in addition to all of the above, there are garden plans. Garden pleas contain an illustration of plant arrangements of the given land area. These are usually drawn in a bird’s eye view. There are sectional drawings and elevations too. For elevations, they can be interior or exterior. These drawings represent how the building would look like after the elevation is done.

Sample Building Plans

A sample building plan can give you a general idea like a template to get an idea to design your own building plan. There are many free, as well as paid plans that you can reach via the internet. Those help to get an idea of what is a building plan in construction. There are many such sample building plans for different categories of construction.

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Building Drawing Plan Elevation Section

After completing the floor plans, you need to start drawing the elevations. As the floor plan is from a bird’s eye view, an elevation drawing is really important. These drawings show all the sides of the building in a flattened view. These are really important to give the constructor an idea about how the building would look like after completion. And also, it helps to identify what kind of material is needed too.

And in addition to all of the above, elevation plans help to recognize the elevations in the land area too. These high or low land areas should be managed properly. Elevation plans carry all such relevant details in them. It helps the constructors to identify the issues in the land area and utilize them properly. As there is interior elevation too, for instance, in a house, the client may need an elevated kitchen. These are common circumstances as elevated kitchens or living areas are a trend these days. This elevation plan represents three-dimensional spaces in two-dimensional drawings.

No matter what the construction is, a plan is a major requirement for a successful project.

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