How to Refinish a Wood Table? – Never Put It Into the Dumpster!

How To Refinish A Wood Table? – Give A New Look And Use It For One More Decade!

The wooden tables have a very prominent place among the furniture in a home. Tables are the essential items of a house. There may be different types of tables in your home, each having a specific duty to perform. So taking care of your table will make it sound new. Here are a few steps that will help you with how to refinish a wood table. 

Let us look into more details on how you can change the appearance of your wooden table to make it look new!

How to refinish the top of a wood table?

When you think of how to restore the tabletop finish, you have some simple steps to follow. You can try some remedies at home before looking into expert knowledge. So let us see the best solutions you have in hand to make your table look good. 

The most step you should do is run to the nearby convenience store or the hardware shop and buy a few supplies you need to clean your table. 

An all-purpose cleaning spray, cloth or paper towels and wipes, 60-120 and 360 grit sandpaper, an orbit sander or a block sander, and clean and dry tack cloth. Satin, pain tor varnish remover, putty knife, and a paintbrush are some of the most basic yet essential items you need. 

  • The first step is to know and understand your table. The level of details, the material, and the construction techniques are the key points that you should be very familiar with. Solid food is one of the most suitable woods for refinishing. But you can check the best ways to refinish your wooden table by checking the specific finishing details and the materials used. If you are unsure of the wood for your table, you can observe the grain line very carefully and decide on the type of wood. 
  • The next thing is to clean the surface well. Make sure to remove all the dirt, Greece, or stain marks before you start your refinishing process. If not, you are grinding the debris to your wooden surface. 
  • Then, you can remove or strip the first finish of your wooden table. The best way is to use a chemical stripper to remove the initial coating. But read the instruction carefully as you will work with a chemical solution. Once it takes sufficient time after application, you can run a putty knife along the surface and clean the first coating successfully. Then sand down the surface to make sure the surface is smoother. Sometimes the sandpaper is enough to remove the top layer. It relies on the type of paint and how long it has been there.
  • Now you can apply paint as your wish. If you think the finish you already have looks good, you can leave it as that. You can try teak oil on harder and denser woods. Also, the tung or Danish oil, if you plan to have an all-purpose finishing. If you don’t like the natural color of the wood, find a stain you want, and maybe apply a paint that will go well with your surrounding and other furniture arrangements. If you are thinking about how to refinish a wood table with the stain, you can also use a wood conditioner if you are hoping to settle with the color on the surface. It ensures a uniform finish by allowing the surface to absorb the stain. As the final step of painting or staining, you can apply a single coat of paint.

In the natural grain direction, dry sufficiently and remove the clogs and the bumps with the finest sandpaper to smoothen and get a good finish. If you love the depth of the color or a marker look, you can apply several more coats till you get the desired color. But if you think of priming and painting, make sure to sand the primer coat as soon as it is dry and proceed with the usual paint usual method of painting. This method is ok with a larger piece of furniture like a dining table. 

  • The final step is finishing. You can settle with oil if you wish to refinish a table. But if it is painted or stained, you can apply a clear coat and finish the table. But make sure to pick the correct surface finish; matt or glossy. It is the final step in refinishing process, and you are good to use it.

Refinishing different types of finishes

When you discuss the different methods of refinishing the table tops, remember that the types of finishes play a vital role. Let us share some simple steps with you.

When refinishing a dark wood table, it is essential to clean the surface first. 

You can use some soap and water to clean the top. But make sure to use a gentle or mild soap to clean. The dirt and oil marks must be removed before any paint or stain reapplies. Then you can apply a stripper to remove the color or the varnish coating already there. Use a chemical stripper if you need to make your life easy. You can apply it, leave it for some time, and clean it off with a putty knife. Then clean the surface again with mineral water. Dry it properly and sand the surface to make it smooth. For a dark wood table, the best is to apply the stain as it already has a darker color on it. The finish is the same, with a clear coating to ensure the paint is well-settled. 

How to refinish a table that is not natural wood

You can refinish a table that is not genuine wood! 

How do you do that? 

Well, here are some valuable tips. The first thing we should find out is whether it is a simple real wood table. Try checking the bottom side if you cannot ensure this fact by looking at the top of the table. Most probably, you will get a clue. Once you ensure it is not a natural wood table, you can proceed with the rest. You can sand it carefully with soft sandpaper to remove the color or paint if there is any. Then wash the table and ensure all the dust and dirt are gone. If you have painted of your choice, you can apply the same and add a top coating to seal it and get a more appealing look. Note that you cannot add stains on most surfaces that are not wood.

How to refinish a cherry wood table?

You need to keep to more or less the same steps with the cherry wood table. Use a gentle soap to clean the surface. It helps to remove all the dirt on the tabletop. You can add a chemical stripper and remove the previous paint or varnish coating. Then clean the surface with mineral spirits or water. Once the table top is well dried, you can sand the table surface. Then wash it, apply stain or paint as you wish, and finish it with a varnish coating. 

How to refinish a fake wood table?

Following the same steps as the “not natural wooden table” helps you to get good results. But before proceeding with the exact steps, you must ensure the table’s material. When you apply chemicals to clean the surface, knowing the fabric helps to do a proper and safe job. 

How to refinish a painted wood table?

When you are planning to repaint a wooden table, you need to test for the lead content of the previous paint. Also, remove the loose paint, and sand smoothes the surface. Then you can use hand sand crevices to smoothen the character further. Apply primer as the next step. And then, if you need to hand sand again, you can continue. Now the surface is ready for painting. You can decide on the color and the type of paint you need. Once the paint is applied, you need to dry it well. And to make sure that the paint is well sealed, you can use a clear coat over the painted wooden table top. 

These are the most basic ways that you can use to clean and refinish the different types of materials. Make sure to know your material well before you take further action. 

How to refinish different types of tables?

Refinishing different types of tables is another subject. Let us see the essential facts and tips so that you can gain some insight into your process. 

If you need to know how to refinish a wood coffee table, you need to clean the wooden surface before doing anything regarding refinishing. Scape away the paint applied earlier, sand it, and wash well to remove all the dirt particles. Then you can either apply paint or stain according to your wish. Then let it dry for some time. Applying a sealer or a clear coat will ensure the paint styles well on the surface. It can also give a better finish to the tabletop. 

It is more or less the same with how to refinish a wood dining room table; following the same steps according to the relevant material helps you get the end product right.

When you think of how to refinish a wood end table, apply the pre-stain wood conditioner before applying the stain and the paint. It must be done after removing the previous color or the paint coating. Also, make sure to use a protective finish after painting or staining. 

If you are wondering how to refinish a wood kitchen table top, add a protective coat at the end, as the kitchen tables always come into contact with different types of liquid and water. So, finishing the surface with a protective coating is always better as the final step for longer life. 

How to refinish a wood picnic table is another essential concern. The cleaning and staining steps are more or less the same as the previous table and wood types. But the only thing you need to make sure of is to treat the table correctly as the table would be kept our doors. The stain or the paint must withstand the heavy sunlight, rain, and drizzle. So the table finish must meet the requirements to suit the outdoor weather conditions. 

How do you refinish a table for beginners?

If you are new to the refinishing process of the wooden table, remember to get familiar with the process well first. Observe all the steps before starting on your own. Also, the chemicals need to be handled very carefully. Always use the safety equipment to stay safe during the procedure. It is always better to research the process and the most efficient ways to handle it. 

Also, if your furniture is in the high-value category, get expert ideas before you do anything you are unsure of. Understanding the wood types and the chemicals, paint, or stain you use to color will be an added advantage. 

Sanding a wooden table to make it look like new 

How do you sand a wood table and make it look new? 

Have you thought about this? 

If you have some idea about different types of sandpaper, this will not be much trouble.  

If the coating of paint is thick, you need the roughest sandpaper. Make sure to move it in the direction of the grain. You can sand it manually or use a mechanical sander to make the job easier. Using the machine saves your energy and makes the surface smooth. You may then wipe it down with a wet cloth or wash it to remove the wood dust particles. After drying it well, you can sand it again if you feel the surface needs to be smoother. Then follow the same process to remove the dust particle. And then you can apply paint or a stain according to your wish.  

But can you refinish the top of a table? 

Well, it is related to your wish and taste. If you want it to be simple, you can finish it and apply a stain or a varnish. But if you expect a more elegant look or something different, you can use paint and a sealer to make it look more expensive and glamorous.  

You can also think of refinishing wood tables without stripping; it is much easier and less hassle. You only have to clean the surface and repair the little cracks and holes. Then you can smoothen it with smooth sandpaper to make the surface get an equal finish. Then it is time to apply some paint or some stain and make it look more beautiful.

Refinish oak table without stripping

Oak tables are one of the furniture pieces that draw the attention of most interior designers and customers. How do you finish it without stripping? 

Here we will unveil a bunch of essential tips you can try out.

The first thing is to remove all the hardware attached to it. 

Then clean and wipe the table with mineral spirits or water. Clean the surface well and makes sure that it is ready for refinishing. Fill the small cracks and holes and clear all the imperfections. Then you can restore the colors well with gel stain. Add a varnish coating to renew the luster, and wipe and finish it off. 

How to refinish a table with chalk paint?

Chalk paint is one of the types that have incredible sticking power. So usually, they do not need any special prepping. But if it has a shiny surface, you must prepare by removing the top layer and setting it up for refinishing. It requires scraping, sanding, and cleaning like any other wooden table finish. To seal the chalk paint, you can add a coating of lacquer. 

Wrapping up…

We hope you got an idea about the preparations and the finishing of the wooden table tops. The only thing is that you must also ensure the furniture’s aesthetics. And also, make sure to consider where you locate the table and the blending with the other furniture. Getting expert knowledge and ideas to finish the surfaces will not go waste. It indeed makes the job easy and smooth. Also, you can continue the process at home if you know the chemicals. 

Before getting into the job, we should also consider the safety issues. Be well geared for the chemicals and equipment you use to clean the table surfaces.  

If you have a good eye and a sense of the colors and finishes, we are sure that you can do an excellent job. After all, it is a matter of getting the job done with the correct use of supplies. 

But if the furniture is exposed to direct sunlight and rain, like the picnic tables, you need to take special care of the paint and the finishing ages to withstand sunlight and water. You can get knowledge and more tips on these areas throughout the website. Once you get used to the process, we are sure you get tempted to try more techniques. So, keep up with the refinishing, and good luck!

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