How to Draw a Floor Plan?

A floor plan is always one major first step of a construction process. There are several types of floor plans depending on the nature of the construction. it is really essential to get an understanding of the land area and the material requirements. Without a floor plan, it is nearly impossible to make a larger construction project successful. So, here we are going to see how to draw a floor plan.

What is a floor plan?

Now let’s see what exactly is a floor plan. A floor plan is basically a scale diagram with a view from above. The floor plan describes the relationship between the different types of rooms in a building. It represents the orientation of rooms, their doors, and windows. Not only for buildings, but we can also draw floor plans for other construction purposes too. In a building floor plan like that of a house, the floor plan consists of the location of items like furnaces and sinks too. There are proportions and dimensions marked accordingly.

There are many types of floor plans too.

For instance, there are

  • 2D floor plans
  • 3D floor plans
  • Live 3D floor plans

2D floor plans are flat diagrams representing the layout of the building. It shows the types of rooms, the dimensions, orientation of doors and windows, the places to install appliances, etc. On the other hand, 3D diagrams are three-dimensional and show the heights of the building components too. A 3D floor plan is advanced and detailed than a 2D floor plan. Live 3D floor plans are even more advanced and give off many more details of the building with a real-time 3D effect.

Floor plan drawing requires a certain amount of skills and an overall idea of construction processes. Now let’s see how to make one on your own.

How to plan floor plans?

Before going straight away for the design, you need to come up with a plan for the floor plan. The first step is, you should have a proper understanding of the land area and the land dimensions considered. Then pick the correct area from that land for the building. Then think of the types of rooms and the sizes of them. And also, you have to pick a shape for the building too. Once you have a general understanding of the building, you can take the actual measurements and start drawing the floor plan.

How do you measure and draw a floor plan?

The measuring procedure should be on point and very accurate. Measure the land area allocated for the building first and then come up with the lengths of rooms with correct proportions. You have to have a general idea of floor planning for this task. If you are unsure of the measurements, you can always consult a professional for help. After determining the wall sizes, you can measure the doorways and windows. Mark the directions and always use a pencil for marking the measurements. Once you are sure of them, you can mark down the final measurements using a pen. You can start sketching the walls and doorways simultaneously.

Once you have marked the walls, doors, and windows, then you can mark down the appliances and the location of sinks and electrical outlets too. The drawing should be done step by step to avoid confusion and messing up the measurements.

Floor plan measuring tools

There are many tools available for floor plan measuring. The evolving technology results in technology-empowered tools resulting in the appearance of many tools and appliances. The older construction processes were measured generally using tape measures. These tape measures are still quite popular in certain countries. But these days there are many tech equipment available for taking measurements. For instance, laser distance meter tools are quite popular and convenient. These laser distance meters are capable of measuring very large distances with high accuracy. They are easy to use and easy for the calculation processes too. Laser distance meters have become a convenient replacement for traditional tape measures for floor plan measuring.

How can I draw my house plans for free online?

Just like with measuring tools, advancement in technology has eased literally everything for humans. So, don’t be surprised by the amount of free online tools that you are going to find out for floor planning. Some of these are paid where several tools are hundred percent free of charge. You can easily come up with better designs rather than going with the trouble of manually creating a floor plan.

For instance, there is

like software for free. But for more advanced features you should probably get the paid version. Not only those, but there are also some other free software tools like SmartDraw, Sweet Home 3D, Draft it too. One major advantage is that this software can come up with 3D illustrations for your plan. It helps to include more details and looks more appealing.

What is the best free floor plan software?

There are many free floor plan software as shown above. They have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to designing. But overall, we can suggest SketchUp as one best free floor plan software. When speaking of it, there is a 4.4 rating for SketchUp out of 5.0 stars. The interface is really cool and user friendly and easy to use. The designing process is quite easy with SketchUp. Many professionals can be seen using this software because it is easy, convenient, and free. You can draw 3D models using the browser by using the free plan. For advanced features, please purchase the software.

Floor plan samples

Want an overall idea of the floor plans? Then it is better if you check out several templates first. No more worrying about how to draw a floor plan. These floor plan samples or templates are really helpful to get ideas on the latest designs too. So, if your question is where o find them, those are just one search away. There is plenty of free templates already available on the web.

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