Budget Friendly Backyard Deck Ideas

A backyard is a place where you can spend some quality time, have fun, and relax with your family or friends outside of your home. But what if you don’t have a lot of money to spend? Nothing to worry, here are some better ideas for creating your backyard deck with a low budget.

Low budget backyard deck ideas on a budget

Let’s see what the backyard small deck ideas on a budget are,

DIY Pallet Backyard Deck Ideas

This is the cheapest way of creating a backyard deck. You can find old pallets and clean and make them weatherproof using suitable paint. Then you can put them together as you need. If anyone wondering What is the easiest deck to build, here the DIY pallet deck is.

1. Outdoor backyard deck entirely from pallets

Do you know even you can build seating set from pallets? For a sustainable and budget-friendly outdoor oasis, consider an entirely pallet-built deck. You can use some DIY cushions to make the seating area comfortability. This is another cheap decking idea.

2. Pallet wood backyard deck with staircase

The palette deck can be built on a block with the wooden steps lead down from the deck to the ground level. You can use DIY decoration to the stage and staircase as you preferred.

3. Outdoor pallet backyard deck with pattern

You can even attach the pallets to a certain pattern, that can enhance your backyard deck appearance. Rectangular pattern, horizontal pattern, diagonal pattern are some of the common ideas for outdoor pallet patterns.

4. Outdoor hammock stand with backyard pallet deck

An outdoor hammock stand with a pallet deck is a creative and practical way to enjoy relaxation in your backyard. You can customize the design of the hammock stand and pallet deck to suit your preferences and space requirements.

5. Pallet Deck with wood pathway

Outdoor backyard pallet deck can be made with wood pathway still using the pallet woods. With basic carpentry skills and tools, you can easily assemble the pallets and construct the pathway according to your desired layout and dimensions. To get it more scenic you can plant bushes along the pathways.

Low Budget Floating Backyard Deck Ideas

The floating deck is common in places with uneven ground or rules against regular building. Usually, a floating deck is a great way to add outdoor space without spending too much.

6. Extension Of The Patio/Courtyard

Are you thinking about expanding your terrace to backyard deck? One option is to extend your patio with a simple backyard floating deck with pallet deck construction, creating more outdoor living space without spending much.

7. DIY hexagonal floating backyard deck

This small deck idea is more convenient when there is a small staircase from your home to backyard. According to your staircase pattern, you can construct this with inexpensive materials and simple construction techniques.

8. Corner floating backyard deck

Ever wonder about small deck ideas for townhouses? You can maximize your backyard space with a corner floating deck. This clever design utilizes unused corners, making it ideal for any compact outdoor area.

9. Repurposed wood floating backyard deck

By using salvaged or leftover wood, you can build a budget-friendly deck that adds character to your backyard. Add your creativity, use some rugs and DIY decorations to enhance the look of the deck area.

10. Portable floating backyard deck

You can even create a portable floating deck which can be easily moved and adjusted to suit your outdoor requirements. In here the building material should be lightweight and deck should not be anyhow connected to the ground.

11. Corner backyard deck with privacy walls

Corner decks close to fence or wall are a most popular privacy ideas for a deck. Even you can use weatherproof fabric for privacy walls as another cost effective way.

12. Pallet backyard deck with a built-in firepit

If you have even ground, a pallet deck with firepit is the best inexpensive small deck idea on a budget. It combines functionality and warmth for memorable outdoor gatherings.

13. backyard deck ideas with a roof.

You can add shade and style to your deck with a pergola roof. You can use wood for building the pergola and use the suitable material if you need to cover the top.

14. Concrete backyard deck

The concrete deck is more durable and low-maintenance deck option. It is a practical choice which providing a solid foundation for outdoor living.

15. Deck over concrete slab

If you already have a boring backyard deck, you can overlay a deck for an affordable cost. By building a deck over a concrete slab, you can transform a dull surface into an inviting outdoor retreat.

16. Floating deck on uneven ground

Do you ever wonder how to build a pallet deck on uneven ground? You can either build it in stages or dig post holes and set poles on a foundation. Make sure the poles are the right length to keep the deck level.

17. Floating deck around big tree

If your backyard has an old big tree, make a deck around the tree. This budget friendly deck idea allows you to preserve existing trees and also have a nice place to relax outside.  

What do you need to know before creating backyard deck area?

If you are purchasing an already built house and you are not comfortable with the existing backyard, you can renovate it according to your preferences. In that case, you need to consider the following things to make it more convenient. If you are wondering, “How do you spruce up a deck on a budget?” You can get some ideas on best backyard decorating ideas (budget-friendly tips!)

1. Purpose of the backyard

The first thing to consider when creating a backyard area is the purpose you intend to use it for. Whether you need it as a social gathering space for family and friends, a recreational or play area for your kids, or a lounge area for spending quality time, identifying its primary function is essential.

2. Build up a conversation area

This is one of the most functional things you could do for your backyard. A conversation area typically consists of two chairs, creating a personal space for engaging in conversation. You can even add a small coffee table. You can set it up in a little corner, so even while your kids are playing in the backyard, you can enjoy quality time with your partner while sipping some coffee.

3. Expand the seating area for friends or family

The larger the space, the larger the conversation area you could create. You could include a love seat, two small accent chairs, a coffee table, some throw pillows on the floor, and easily host a group of friends or your family. Look for a shaded area in your outdoor space to carve out the nook, or you can easily add a patio umbrella or find a cozy spot underneath a shaded tree or your covered patio to create this conversation area.

4. Add an area rug.

once you carve out that little conversation area and the seating group, you just want to measure right outside that, and that would be the size of your area rug. The great thing about outdoor area rugs is that they can simply be hosed down; they’re so low maintenance.

5. Add a water feature.

If you love the sound of trickling water and you are capable enough to plumb, you can create a water feature section or purchase a small water fountain that you can strategically place right by your conversation area. This will relax you and keep you connected with nature even add a more sight to your backyard space.

6. Add a Swing or Hammock

Another budget-friendly way for you to make the most of your backyard is to introduce a swing or a hammock. It’s the perfect spot for lazy afternoon siestas or even makeshift playtime with the kids. There are a ton of different swings and hammocks on the market now that don’t require any trees, bases, foundations, or columns. You can easily set it up on another spot and DIY install it yourself.

7. Creating a backyard theatre

This is a perfect outdoor night idea. For this, you don’t need any white wall. You can simply place a projection screen, perhaps a thick white material. You can place it anywhere on your lawn, or if you have a pool, you can place it at the far end of the pool. There are numerous ways to set up this backyard theater, and the best part is that it’s inexpensive to do so.

8. Light it up

The easiest way to light up a backyard is with plugin string lights. To enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest, you want to spend as much time out there as possible. That means adding ambient lighting to set the mood, no matter what you’re doing whether you’re dining, lounging, or throwing a party. Overhead ambient lighting, like string lights, is a perfect way to light up your space.

9. Color selection.

Color selection is the most important part when it comes to backyard design. Depending on the look of your backyard, you can choose a color theme. It’s recommended to follow a color theme instead of using multiple colors. Since this is the environment where you’ll spend a lot of your relaxation time, avoid busy colors that can clutter your mind.

  • If your backyard has a large area, you can use terracotta shades, ranging from paprika and russet to warm orange and hints of brown.
  • Copper and rust shades offer a rich color theme suitable for both modern and traditional elements.
  • Soft pink blended with white gives the perfect combination for a small family with kids, creating a vibrant outdoor space.
  • For those who prefer earth tones and warm neutrals, a bit more subdued and natural, consider muted colors like beiges, tans, and whites.
  • Also, pairing orange with neutrals like beige or tan creates a sophisticated color palette, especially against a garden landscape.

10. Add a Fire Pit/ Fire Lounge

You can either build your own fire pit or purchase a fire lounge. There are plenty of fire lounges available in the market at reasonable prices. You can place it anywhere in your backyard as you prefer. Typically, fire pits are in the middle of seating areas in landscaping.

11. Rules and Regulation in the region

Always make sure to follow the rules and regulations in your region. You may live in an ancient city with traditional architecture, but if you prefer to have a modern backyard with a pergola, you’ll need to consider ideas for creating a modern backyard with traditional looks. Additionally, you’ll need to carefully build what you want without violating any rules.

What is the cheapest deck to build?

If you want to build a deck without spending too much money, use pressure-treated wood. It’s treated with chemicals to resist damage from bugs and rot. Normal wood can get ruined if it’s not treated. Pressure-treated wood is cheaper than other types like redwood or composite decking, which are made from recycled materials. A deck made of pressure-treated wood costs between $3 to $20 per square foot, without including the cost of workers.

What can I build instead of a deck?

You can use a gravel patio to make your backyard more natural. All you need to do is make a boarder with wood or bricks and inside that boarder lay gravel. For this your backyard floor should be leveled first. This is the one of the popular ground level backyard deck ideas.

Pathways and Borders

Use gravel pathways to connect different areas of your backyard or create borders around garden beds and other landscaping features. These pathways add functionality and visual interest to the outdoor space.

Fire Pit Area

If you plan to incorporate a fire pit into your gravel patio design, create a designated area with a fireproof base and a safe distance from surrounding structures and vegetation. Consider surrounding the fire pit with seating for a cozy gathering space.

In conclusion, transforming your backyard into a beautiful and functional space doesn’t need more money. By incorporating budget-friendly ideas like creating conversation areas, adding water features, and setting up outdoor theaters, you can make the most of your outdoor space without overspending. Whether you opt for DIY pallet decks, floating decks, or gravel patios, there are plenty of low-cost options to suit your style and needs. Remember to consider your backyard’s purpose, follow local regulations, and choose a color palette that enhances your outdoor oasis. With a little creativity and planning, you can turn your backyard into a relaxing retreat where you can unwind and enjoy quality time with loved ones.

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